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Mercedes begins to torment and whip Carla and he sticks a vibrating dildo into her cunt and pulls her up onto her tip toes. Mercedes and Carla are getting ready to go. By a wooden stock holds each wrist and lock her wrists and neck into wooden stocks. Mercedes, she ties Carla up to the max. We tie her to our torture chair. She does everything she can to struggle and orgasm once again. We tie her feet up behind her to redden her fine ass.

Streamwood vintage boy bondage galleries

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Madison Young - bdsm flogging girls

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See 6 video clips with redhead Madison Young cumming and cumming in a good hogtied shoot from Jul. 31, 2007 right now!

I can honestly call this a Category 5 update. Every single position was punishing and brutal. Only Madison could have completed a shoot like this and still give us some of the strongest orgasms we have ever filmed.

Bondage movie gallery starring Kristine

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So bad, in fact, that she had to sign up for a little extra tutoring with Sister Dee. But this study camp is nothing like what she had anticipated and Sister Dee is nothing like the sisters she is used to dealing with. A sharp crack on the knuckles from a ruler would be a welcome punishment in comparison to the things SD does.

Watch 15 pics + 1 video with brunette Kristine cumming and cumming in a good bondage shoot from May 28, 2010 right now.

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Katja Kassin - tied up bondage

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I finally got around to Katja and the only complaint I had was that I waited so long! This adorable little German cutie was a joy to work with, tought, sexy and-to my surprise and joy- a giggler! She found out that being tied in a tank full of water was a laughing experience. But to a giggler, laughing equates to terror. Her rendition of that scene in the post shoot interview was very interesting.

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Always hot Katja Kassin starring in a bondage of the kind that not to be missed. German hottie gets bound, sprayed with water and dunked.

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Holly Heart pics - humiliated girls

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Holly Heart is very enthusiastic about BDSM and gets an intense session with Maitresse Madeline. She learns how to process pain, gets the ass hook, gets fucked with a large strap-on cock, has huge orgasms while being fisted and gets fucked in the ass!

Be the first to try Maitresse Madeline, Holly Heart in one of the hardest whippedass tasks I've ever seen!

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Fresh Ten hardtied sample movie gallery!

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she mistakes PD for the average janitor and by the time she realizes who she's been left alone with it is too late to escape. PD can tell and he isn't above caring, even for a slut like this. When she's pushed down to her knees it keeps her head up so she can suck PD's cock. her only breaks from pleasuring him come while he whips and canes her body more.

This is sure a bondage gallery of the kind that not to be missed! Perfect Ten Cock Sucker.

6 video clips dedicated to Star!

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So what do nice girls dream of when they fall asleep? Star has dreams, naughty dreams. She dreams of her fantasies, her wants and desires. She yearns for excitement and sexual freedom. While awake she is a prisoner of expectations and a public image she must maintain for friends and family. In her dreams she is free, and her wildest fantasies come to life as the hunger is satisfied, until tomorrow night.

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