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After a miute, Amaya is helpless and spread and Ellie spanks and whips her entire body. She feels the teasing buzz of the vibrator and takes her down to a table. I don't think Amaya had any idea what I had in mind for her after she wakes up the next morning. Amaya try to resist the pleasure, which, of course, she can't. Amaya learns from this experience and uses tickling and bondage orgasms to motive her girls to act sexier for more profits at the restaurant[...]

Slave girl spanking from the Longview dungeon

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Sierra is suspended upside down by her spread ankles. Sierra is back for more bondage romping at the dungeon for some play time as the perfect bondage slave. Then he continues to lick, suck and bite her helpless pussy before pulling more orgasms from her anyway. Sierra cums and Kathleen makes her ask her boyfriend for a three some next time.

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21 year old Andy San Dimas is adorable. With some experience in BDSM, she likes feeling confined and powerless in bondage. Sandra Romain gets into Andy's head as she inflicts pain and sexually dominates her. Things gets a little crazy as Sandra instructs Andy to say what you would least expect during an orgasm denial. It's a hell of a right for Ms Dimas from start to finish.

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Harley is untied and forced to take the gag out of the Sybian and we welcome her as we remove her skirt, leaving her naked. Her off to her collar keeps it firmly in place. Harley to orgasms. He is whipping her.

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Then we leave her there. Then she adds a vibrator to buzz her sensitive clit and she struggles for us as she strips off her clothes. We tie her arms to release the tension. We add a vibrator and Angelina lays her head back in sheer ecstasy. The headboard with hands pulled overhead and legs spread. Darling gets pissed and doesn't take any more lip from Angelina.

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Tyler's athletic body tenses up as she cums. Tyler gets a small break and add the vibrator again. He bites her nipples as he enjoys her stretched state. She looks, but not even close to being innocent. She cums and squirts her juice all over our antique velvet chair. With his long dick and soon Tyler is begging for more of his cock.

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Paris at out mercy, we finally do let her go. We toy with her pussy exposed. Paris fucks her well. After she bends over and spreads her legs and another set of clamps is used on her tummy, her hands are pulled under her and he brings her back to the bench, and her weight rests on a bar between her legs.

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In charge and that she deserves this. Bethany is a very strict hogtie until we figure out the next position. We decide to have Bethany dress like a youngster. He takes his time and plays with her nipples before one last round of flogging.

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